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Hout Bay Snipers

Hout Bay Snipers mission is to provide children of disadvantaged communities with a holistic life-skills education.
To facilitate a community outreach program using basketball as a means to engage with and empower youth in an after-school sports curriculum.

By introducing the game of basketball. The team-based training develops athletic abilities, life skills, self-confidence, leadership, team spirit and fair play.


In line with Cape Lion's values to promote physical activity, Snipers Foundation encourages a healthy lifestyle and creates a consistent, safe environment, an alternative to crime, drugs and violence.

Basketball Team Cape Town
Hout Bay Snipers Foundation

Positivity & Wellbeing

Hout Bay Snipers Foundation encourages positive social engagement within the community and supports community pride. The court and the game of basketball facilitate to unite the youth from different races, nationalities and social backgrounds and support equality and cultural sensitivity and understanding.

Their coaches serve as sport and life mentors who create future leaders through the game of basketball. Aiming to inspire everyone to become a player - whether for health, wellness, competition or fun.

Made possible by individuals, foundations and corporate contributions.

Teaming up with the Hout Bay Snipers Basketball Foundation gives us the opportunity to invest in the health and well-being of children and young adults in our community.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to find out more or get involved with this amazing initiative, contact Christoph for more information.

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